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Top Four Black Person Friendly Sunscreens

June 27, 2022



Happy Summer gorls! Sun’s out, UV rays out or whatever that person said. Even though we should be wearing sunscreen all year long (yes, I said it ALL. YEAR. LONG) summer is when the girls finally realize that their Black will crack if left unprotected. If you have been struggling to find that sunscreen that won’t have you looking like Casper’s second cousin, keep reading.

I stand firm in the 2 finger sunscreen rule where I squeeze the product in two separate lines on my pointer and middle finger to achieve for maximum coverage and sun protection. I also have dry skin so the sunscreens that I will be recommending are what work for my dry skin. If you have oily or combination skin, feel free to try these out but also remember to do some extra research.


This is my all-time favourite sunscreen. It gives me a nice glow without giving frying pan. This sunscreen provides strong broad-spectrum UVA/UVB protection while being lightweight. It includes hyaluronic acid and is completely undetectable under makeup. It is also Oil-free and non-comedogenic which means it will not clog your pores.

💧 Texture: Lightweight
👻 White Cast: None
🎨 Makeup Wearability: Works great under makeup and is oil free.
Get it for $24.17


I am a hardcore Aveeno stan. As someone with dry skin, the Aveeno lotions are what gets me together. This sunscreen gets the job done and at a great price. It is also oil-free and doubles as a face moisturizer. It contains vitamins A, C, and E, broad spectrum SPF 30 and is an overall great bang for your buck.

💧Texture: Thick 
👻White Cast: None
🎨Makeup Wearability : Very moisturizing and not very mattifying
Get it for $18.47


Here we believe in supporting everybody Black and when I heard about this sunscreen, I knew I had to get my hands on it. This company was founded by Shontay Lundy, a Black woman who saw gaps in the sunscreen industry and decided to fill them. Black Girl Sunscreen is a 30 SPF lotion blended with natural ingredients and designed specifically for women of colour. It is very thick and has a very chemically smell however, it gets the job done. I would suggest oily girlies stay away.

💧Texture: Thick lotion like texture. 
👻White Cast: None
🎨Makeup Wearability: Leaves skin feeling greasy after a few hours due to its lotion-y texture.
Get it for $24.99


I think we have all accepted that Robyn will never make music again. I mean, the woman is a jack of all trades and also a master of many. I, however, almost had to call Riri and tell her to go back to work [work, work, work, work, work] on this sunscreen UNTIL I heard that she dropped a fragrance-free version. This sunscreen is on the pricey side at $49 + $6 for shipping (because Robyn must make her coins somehow). The formulation of this sunscreen is absolutely perfect and it also doubles as a moisturizer which is a plus.

💧Texture: Thick lotion like texture
👻White Cast: None
🎨Makeup Wearability: Leaves skin feeling greasy after a few hours, its giving slip and slide.
Get it for $49.00

I have attached a playlist down below that helps you to understand a bit more about my skincare journey and also provides you with more sunscreen recommendations. Let me know if you will be trying any!


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