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Time For A Mid Year Financial Check-In!

July 8, 2023



We’re halfway through the year, and it’s the perfect time to take a deep dive into your finances. Let’s ask ourselves some key questions, shake things up if needed, and get back on track to achieve those financial goals. Ready?

This seems scary but trust me, what’s scarier is ignoring your finances and then one day having to tackle them.


Alrighty, let’s talk cash flow! What were your money goals for the year, and how close are you to hitting them? If you’re a bit behind schedule, no need to fret. Crunch those numbers and figure out how much extra money you need to rake in each month to reach your goal by the end of the year. On the flip side, if you’re ahead of the game, consider treating yourself to a well-deserved break. Time to kick back and soak up some sun!


Time to put those spending habits under the microscope! Take a peek at your top five spending categories each month. Are you going a little overboard in any of them? Hey, we all have our splurges. Identify those wallet-draining areas and brainstorm ways to cut back. Maybe it’s time to adjust that budget, making it more realistic and less “wishful thinking.”


Ah, interest payments, the bane of our financial existence. Take a moment to examine the interest you’re currently paying. What is your cost of borrowing? Brace yourself for some worst-case scenarios. If those interest rates skyrocket (ugh, variable mortgages), can you handle the extra weight on your shoulders? But don’t lose hope just yet! Give your lenders a ring and see if they’re up for some rate decrease negotiations or freezing that interest.


Time to put on your investor hat! Check out how much room you’ve got left in your registered accounts, like the TFSA, RRSP, or FHSA. Are you maximizing those accounts like a pro? Oh, and don’t forget to reflect on your investment strategy. Is it bringing in the money you want? If you’re feeling unsure, don’t hesitate to seek expert advice.

Emergency Fund

Uh-oh, emergency time! Picture this: you lost your job today or faced a financial crisis. Could you cover your fixed expenses for the next three months without spiralling into debt? If your answer’s a shaky “no,” it’s time to work that emergency fund. Start putting away some money each month until you’ve got a comfy cushion to fall back on. This will help ease your financial anxiety.


While we’re hustling toward our financial goals, we gotta leave room for enjoyment. Are you treating yourself to some well-deserved fun? Great! But remember, let’s not go overboard and blow our budget into smithereens. Finding that balance is key—having fun while staying financially responsible.


Alright, let’s do a little introspection…how are you feeling about money? Are you confident when it comes to managing your finances? Or are you battling those pesky money anxieties? It’s okay to feel a tad overwhelmed—we’ve all been there. Tap into the resources available, like financial literacy programs, my YouTube channel, books, or even seek professional guidance. Remember, you’re not alone on this financial journey. We’re in this together!

You did it! You’ve conquered your mid-year financial review. By addressing questions about income, expenses, interest, investments, emergency funds, personal enjoyment, and mindfulness, you’re taking control of your financial destiny. Use this moment to make informed decisions, tweak your strategies, and stay on the path to financial success.


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