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Rating Your LinkedIn Profiles

February 18, 2022



The quality of your LinkedIn profile can have a huge impact on which opportunities you get and which ones you don’t get. Recruiters use a search engine called LinkedIn Recruiter and if your profile is properly optimized, you’ll appear in their search results. Want a second opinion on your LinkedIn profile? This video is for you.

In this video, Busi and I will be reviewing four different profiles and giving our critiques. We let you know what we think of each profile as it is and give you suggestions to improve. Even if your profile wasn’t selected, this should be helpful to learn changes that you may be able to make with yours. We aren’t recruiters so take this as you wish 😌 Thank you to everyone who volunteered to have their profile critiqued!

If you’d like to purchase a LinkedIn revamp session, you can book here.

You can watch part one here, and visit Busi’s channel here.


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