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Moving From Nigeria To Canada With $650, A Plan & A Dream ft. Olu of Canada

July 22, 2023



Olu of Canada is on the podcast teaching us how to not go broke trying to immigrate to Canada. He moved from Nigeria to Canada with just $650 in his pocket, and was able to complete his phd, get his Canadian citizenship, and is now thriving, financially and otherwise.

Olu has built a platform that helps people from all over the world immigrate to Canada and navigate the complex process of applying for visas, studying in Canada, and finding work. In this episode, he shares the 100 pathways you can use to move to Canada, the most cost-efficient ways to move, costly mistakes to avoid on your immigration journey, and much more.

Watch the episode on YouTube:


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  1. Victor Awakan says:

    How can someone with lecturing qualifications get job and move to Canada