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I Helped 100 People Save Over $935,000 In 2022! Here’s How.

December 26, 2022



I’m always telling my community to set financial goals for themselves and to work to achieve them, but many find it hard to do alone. In 2021, a few of my followers expressed that they would like me to keep them accountable to the financial goals that they set for themselves, so I said bet! Let’s start a financial accountability group. In 2022, one hundred people (I’m still shocked) entrusted me and joined my first-ever accountability group! You can read more about it here.

Here’s how it went:
Each member registered, and upon entry, introduced themselves to the group. In their introduction they told us about themselves, and told us their financial goal for the year. They also had to outline how they were going to achieve that goal. After all one hundred introductions, the total goal that the group set at the beginning of the year was $1,310,100.

Each member was assigned a moderator (thank you to my amazing mods Hope, Karissa, Lerri & Rimi!) who checked in on them biweekly. Members are required to post a screenshot showing that they deposited the money into their savings and/or investing account on a biweekly basis. Here is an example:

A member of #ReniReturnsChallenge2022 showing proof of savings

5 days a week there were discussion posts, polls, videos, informative articles, and more posted by the moderators to teach members about a variety of topics from investing to saving to budgeting and more.

We had live sessions, giveaways and even one in-person event.

On a monthly basis, the group goal was announced so that we could motivate members to keep going. As of December 26, 2022 we are at $936,423🤯🤯🤯🤯. While some members had to drop out of the challenge due to losing their jobs, emergencies and other obligations, it is clear that we still accomplished a lot and I’m very proud of all the members of #ReniReturnsChallenge2022.

Here are some of the amazing testimonies we received from members:

“Thanks to this amazing group for the support, advice, and the knowledge shared. We’re excited to carry on with bigger goals in 2023. Blessings to all 🥰

“Thanks to you and the accountability group I’m not ending the year in the red. I have actual savings! And even invested. Thanks for all your do and share Reni!”

“You taught me to go review my debts and pay off high-interest ones first. I paid off $3500 of credit card debt and saved $600 towards my emergency fund. I also now have a budget that I review weekly, big thank you for making the money talk easy and accessible.”

“You taught me how to save better through the accountability group. By having savings I was able to pay for an emergency with my pet and not be flat out broke. I’m so grateful for the learning.”

“You made me achieve my saving and investment goals this year, thank you for the books from the giveaway too.”

“Being able to see other people’s journey’s was refreshing because I learned different approaches to savings. It was also nice to see how encouraging the moderators were even if someone had missed their deposit. It can be demoralizing to not reach a target but sometimes you need some encouragement to help you focus on the larger picture.”

“Sure it’s easy to set goals but having an accountability group helps you feel more motivated to actually do it. When you see others doing great things, I also fuels you be curious about how you can do it too or just inspiration to keep going”

“Being a part of Reni Returns Challenge was a game changer for me in 2022. I saved more and I learned a lot about different Money concepts and overall finances. I can’t wait to join again in 2023.”

“Reni is the most resourceful person ever. I can’t stress how much she has changed my life forever. The moderators were also amazing and courteous. Would definitely recommend!!”

“I paid off credit card’s, maintained consistent saving. Open investment accounts for the first time. Investing in myself to create additional streams of income”

I’m smiling ear to ear as I read these because who would’ve thought that this would come from the accountability group? In 2023, we go again. We will be keeping it small again with just 100 spots so it is first come, first serve. If you sign up for this mailing list you’ll be notified when we go live.

Here’s what you can expect from the group in 2023:

  • Daily posts from moderators sharing various resources about budgeting, investing, banking, real estate, career development and more
  • A vision board party for members only
  • Monthly giveaways (starting in February)
  • A suggested reading list to increase your financial literacy
  • Monthly office hours with Reni
  • Guest speaker live sessions on topics such as home ownership, insurance, wills and estates, and more.
  • A dedicated moderator to keep you accountable to your goals
  • A community of like-minded folks all looking to achieve the same goal

If this sounds like something you’re interested in, sign up for the mailing list! Spots are very limited and once we close registration no more people will be allowed in the group until 2024. UPDATE: The group is now closed for the rest of 2023 but you can do the savings plans alone or with an accountability partner. The savings plans can be found here.

The group is hosted on Facebook so if you’re not comfortable using the platform, please don’t sign up.

Can’t wait to help you all achieve your goals in 2023!


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