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How To Raise Financially Literate Children

March 21, 2022



Raising children is a hard task. Raising them to be financially literate feels like it’s even harder. Thankfully, we have Jasmine Paul to explain these complex topics to us.

Jasmine is an award-winning children’s book author and Certified Financial Education Instructor focused on making wealth fun! Her goal is to equip youth and their parents to have healthy money conversations. Her first book, A Boy, a Budget, and a Dream was named Top 10 Best Books to Teach Kids about Money and has helped its readers save over $5K. Her next two children’s books launched via Kickstarter ( Jasmine has partnered with the Taco Bell Foundation, the Oakland/Berkley YWCA, Tampa Bay Startup Week, and more to equip their participants with financial literacy and empowerment.

In this discussion, we talk about the great wealth transfer, when the right age to talk to kids about money is, how to practically teach kids about money and much more. Watch here:


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