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How to not go broke trying to build your startup

August 26, 2022



Our very first ever media opportunity and it’s at one of the largest tech conferences in the world! Don’t Go Broke Trying was invited to cover Collision Conference 2022 in Toronto, in June. We asked founders about how we can avoid going broke trying to become an entrepreneur.

Watch the video on YouTube: https://youtu.be/TqnJ8qKYv5Q and Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/reel/Chul-ARDM-r/

Full episode below

Guests mentioned in order: 
Istiana Bestari, Monday Girl – https://www.mondaygirl.ca/
Tunde Omotoye, Human Squad – https://humansquad.com/
Ari Roisman, WristCam – https://wristcam.com
Sam Baddoo, Fleri – https://joinfleri.com/
Aaron Bromberg, StimScience – https://trysomnee.com/
David Ojeyinka, FreshStart Hub – https://thefreshstarthub.com/
Adetona Omokanye, ThreeDotsNFT – https://threedotsnft.com/
Toju Ogbeide, Goodszilla – https://goodszilla.ca/home 


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