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How to Know it’s Time to Leave your Job

January 20, 2022



As you all may know, I left my job on October 1, 2021, to pursue full-time content creation and I have not looked back since (I talk about why I left my job here). If you’re reading this, you are probably questioning whether or not you should stay in your role and trust me, I was there. I created this list of 6 signs to help you decide (they don’t call me Reni the Resource for nothing, chile).

Before I start, be affirmed in the fact that you are not a bad person for wanting to leave your job, even if this job has done so much for you. There comes a time where you must let go of what you think is good to make room for something better. Okay, let’s get into it!

1. Your Work Responsibilities have increased but your Pay has not

Now, if you are working for a small mom and pop shop then there is a bit more grace however, these big companies? They CAN afford to pay you and you deserve to receive adequate compensation for your work.

When I worked my 9-5, I noticed that I was taking on the role of two people, but I was only getting the salary of one. You may love what you are doing and are willing to do it for free (and to that I advise you to volunteer at a non-profit) but overworking yourself at your 9-5 is a recipe for burnout.

2. The company has questionable practices that do not align with your morals

Maybe initially you accepted the job offer so that you could pay the bills but as you get to learn more about the company, you realize that you are on two different wavelengths. Now, you may not agree with everything that the company puts out there but if the company goes against something that stands at the core of who you are, that may be a sign to leave.

3. You are not learning anything new

Most of us grew up with parents who stayed in the same job and at the same company for 20, 50, 60 years. While we commend our parents, ✨gorgeous, gorgeous girls seek growth, gorgeous gorgeous girls don’t stay where they aren’t growing✨. With that being said, if you aren’t growing in your current role, maybe that is a sign that you need to move on. You may not need to leave the company as a whole; you could also leave your department and seek opportunities for growth elsewhere because if you’re not growing that means you’re dead chile.

I worked in an industry that is not very innovative (because what is the new product that will come out to manage somebody’s money?!) and after a year or so I felt like I needed to step into something new. I was fortunate enough that my company allowed me to explore new teams, but there is so much that you can do within the same company, regardless of the team. If you are in the same place, maybe explore new teams or departments and if you still are not being challenged it’s time to go.

4. Your passions have changed

We are constantly evolving as humans, and you are not the same person you were in 2021 as you are now (whether you realize it or not). With that may come a change in passions or interests and that is normal. I am not saying that you need to quit your job to explore your new interest but if you think that your job is not a place where this is welcomed, that is a sign that you need to quit.

I started as a Business Analyst, and I moved into Marketing in a year, and this was within the same company (you can learn more about my career journey here). I am grateful for all the growth that took place throughout my transition. I would also like to add that it prepared me for my current role as a content creator. If you are looking to transition into a new team or even a new company, networking is key, and you can find my video on this here and my blog on this here.

5. Your job is negatively impacting your mental health

In 2022, we are prioritizing our mental health, PERIOD. Do not come and die for these companies oo because if you die, they will find a replacement.

I got to a point where I dreaded Mondays and I mean; we do have a running I hate Monday’s joke but the thought of having to work on a Monday gave me raw and unfiltered anxiety. I had to get to a point where I accepted that my mental health was the most important thing and if anything was getting in the way of me having good mental health, it had to go. 

You may be thinking, ‘my colleagues have the same workload, and they seem to be managing well so what is wrong with me?’ I guarantee you that they are feeling the same way but just aren’t voicing their concerns. My first course of action for you would be to voice your concern and if you realize that nothing has changed, then it’s time to pack up your desk.

6. The management style is not conductive to your success

Sometimes you must acknowledge that it’s not me it’s you, and that’s okay! Managers are humans and they come with their personalities and style of leadership. If their style of management is not conducive to your personal growth, first you need to communicate that. If you realize that nothing has changed after communicating, then it’s time to go, love.

I do not work well under micromanagement. I find that I thrive the most when I am given clear instructions and left to complete the task on my own. You may be the opposite but ultimately, it is up to you to decide what works best for you and stick beside it.

Hopefully, these tips can help you along your career journey. If you want to hear more, here is a video where my friend Saima and I talk more about these six signs.


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