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How Dolapo Received Over $75,000 In Funding & Graduated Debt Free

May 21, 2022



Don’t go broke trying to get a degree, folks!

In this episode, Reni interviews Dolapo Fadare about her journey to graduating from a 5-year university program, completely debt-free. Dolapo received $25,000 in grants for professional development and $50,000 from academic and community development scholarships! 

Aside from her scholarships, she participated in 12 conferences and internships in 5 countries across the world. She is passionate about youth development and serves as a mentor for other Black women. Want to tap into Dolapo’s knowledge? Check out her firm Strive Up, a social enterprise and education consultancy firm that provides three-tiered services for scholarships. StriveOpp posts daily scholarships and job opportunities on their Instagram stories.

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