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An Introduction to Reni, The Resource

January 2, 2022



Hi everyone, thank you so much for stopping by!
I am so grateful that you are taking time out of your busy day to read this.

It’s been 1.5 years of intentional content creation now (& just finally getting around to creating a website🙈). I never imagined it would become this big, but here we are! I feel so blessed to have cultivated this community.

Some back story for those who are reading this blog post as the first introduction to me, hi! I’m Reni, a young, Black, millennial woman who wants to help you win. Ever since I was a kid, I’ve tried to help others by sharing information. When my classmates didn’t have their homework done, I was the person who explained how to solve the questions, or lent them my notes to copy, if they couldn’t complete the questions themselves.

When I failed to negotiate my first salary and later learned what I should’ve really been paid, I told all my newly graduated friends to make sure they never accepted the first offer. I say this to say, I’ve been doing this for a while. Now I feel blessed to be able to do it full-time for all of you! We don’t hoard any knowledge over here.

People call me Reni, the Resource and it is because I am consistently sharing resources with others in the realms of financial literacy, career development and lifestyle. In May of 2020, I purchased my first house at the age of 23 and people had so many questions for me. This prompted me to create my YouTube channel to answer those questions. I have wanted to start a channel for a very long time (literally since I was in middle school watching Patricia Bright’s hauls) but never thought I had something of value to share. After doing this for the past 1.5 years and seeing the lives that have been impacted, I see that the value was always inside of me – it just needed full expression.

This blog is the expression of the God-given gifts that are within me. This is where you will see a transparent, raw, uncut version of me, showing you the mistakes that I’ve made and sharing resources to equip you to not make those same mistakes.

Here’s what you can expect on the blog:

  1. Financial literacy content – I am privileged to have grown up with financially literate parents who emphasized its importance probably since the day I was born. Not only did they talk about it, but they also showed my sister and I how to put it into practice, for which I will forever be grateful. I hit the lottery when it came to parents!

    At the age of 18, I started investing, and by age 23 I had a portfolio of over $70,000 which I used to buy my first house. Financial literacy changed my life and I want it to change all of yours as well, no matter where you are starting. As BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, People of Colour) folks, often when you search up financial literacy topics you don’t see anyone who looks like you, especially in Canada. By no means am I a financial advisor, but I hope to be the change that we all need in this space.
  2. Career development content – I’ve had the privilege to work in the real estate, financial services, technology & operations, and wealth management industries throughout my career. As I moved from role to role, I learned a lot about negotiations, fast-tracking career development, mentorship and sponsorship, personal branding and more. I was able to use these learnings to go from an intern to a manager in just 3 years. Often, these topics aren’t candidly discussed. Maybe due to competition and not wanting others to know the “tricks of the trade”? I don’t know. I want to break down those walls and allow each one of us to get the ‘inside scoop’.
  3. Lifestyle content – this category is super broad, but I love showing my life! You may see some fashion, skincare, mental health, travel and just some girl chats explaining how I’m currently feeling. I have been to 30 countries (and counting) and would love to take you along with me to other places I will travel to while sharing resources to help you have the best time too. People call me the plug because of how I share the knowledge I learn in all aspects of my life.

So that’s a bit about me!
I hope this space feels comforting. I hope it feels relatable. I hope it feels accessible.
I hope it is not overwhelming, but a place you can go for guidance from someone who may understand your struggle.

Speak to you soon! Catch me on Instagram for daily updates.


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