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From $30,000 in Debt To Making 6 Figures Annually

July 14, 2022



It’s not every day become an entrepreneur, fam. Sometimes, keep the 9 to 5. Other times, do both! Whatever you do, don’t go broke trying to pursue entrepreneurship. Toks Ayinla is a powerhouse and today she is teaching us how not to go broke trying to become an entrepreneur. In 2019, Toks quit her full-time job to pursue her passion and became an entrepreneur. During the journey, she wound up $30,000 in debt, which she is now on the other side of. Now she is a full-time entrepreneur, having 5-figure months, with her 9 to 5 side hustle 😉.

Want to become an entrepreneur? Learn from her mistakes so you don’t have to make them.


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