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From $30,000 in Debt To Making 6 Figures Annually feat. Toks Ayinla

June 3, 2022



It’s not everyday become an entrepreneur, fam. Sometimes, keep the 9 to 5. Other times, do both! Whatever you do…don’t go broke trying to become an entrepreneur.

Toks Ayinla is a powerhouse and today she is teaching us how to not go broke trying to become an entrepreneur. In 2019, Toks quit her full time job to pursue her passion and became an entrepreneur. During the journey, she wound up $30,000 in debt, which she is now on the other side of. Now she is a full time entrepreneur, having 5 figure months, with her 9 to 5 side hustle 😉. Want to become an entrepreneur? Learn from her mistakes so you don’t have to make them.

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