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Coinfessions: Navigating The Canadian Immigration Process

August 4, 2023



In this episode, Reni and Olu of Canada answer your coin coinfessions around all things immigration.

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Here are the questions that were asked:
Coinfession 1 – How can I build a solid career while in school to get a shot at PR & citizenship? Coinfession 2- Should I live with my family friend who lives 1.5 hours away while going to school in Canada since it’s free?
Coinfession 3 – Can I get a line of credit to fund my masters program?
Coinfession 4 – My boyfriend’s dad stopped supporting him & I don’t want him to be deported but I also don’t want to marry him for papers. What do I do?
Coinfession 5 – Immigration has left my family with nothing!
Coinfession 6 – Would I be the asshole for moving to Canada to do a PhD even though my family doesn’t want me to?
Coinfession 7 – How can I prepare my credit worthiness for my move to Canada?

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