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Coinfessions: Black Tax, Debt Collectors & Investing Losses

September 8, 2023



In this episode, Eduek (Two Sides of A Dime) & Reni answer your ‘coin’ confessions surrounding all things getting into (and out of) debt and investing in the stock market.

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Coinfessions Answered
1) Am I the asshole for not sharing my son’s investment account with my daughter? (R/AITA)?
2) Am I not successful because I’m not tithing? (Listener write-in)
3) Am I the asshole for telling my wife that her investing losses are not my problem?
4) Am I the asshole for wanting to invest in the stock market? (R/AITA)
5) How do I manage my money effectively and get my shit in order? (Listener write-in)
6) I make good money, why am I living paycheque to paycheque? (Listener write-in)
7) My credit card went to collections, what do I do? (Listener write-in)
8) Do funds in chequing accounts get taxed? (Listener write-in)

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