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Coinfessions: Ask A Financial Advisor Anything!

October 6, 2023



In this episode, John Sacke, wealth advisor at BMO Private Wealth, and Reni, answer your coin confessions surrounding all things managing one’s money. It’s great to have a professional lens on this!

Watch the episode on YouTube:

Coinfessions Answered
1. I won 50 million naira, what do I do?
2. I make stable income but live paycheque to paycheque
3. I’ve spent more than $18,000 on uber and car rentals. Should I purchase a new car?
4. I’m getting married! How do I combine our finances?
5. What questions should I ask an investment advisor before hiring them?
6. Investment advisor vs. financial planner – who do I choose?
7. Should I fire my financial advisor?


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