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I’m a content creator, marketing consultant and finance enthusiast based in Toronto, Canada. On my YouTube channel, I share resources around career development, lifestyle and financial literacy. After buying my first house at the age of 23, I decided to share my knowledge with others with the goal of helping people understand “adulting”. I help them become more financially literate and share tips to help them excel in their careers. From finance to career and lifestyle content, I aim to make complex topics, simple.

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Financial literacy (+ some privilege) afforded me the ability to purchase a house at the age of 23, and stellar career planning, personal branding & networking allowed me to get promoted year after year without ever applying for a job.

I love to help people kill it in their careers, become financially free and live their best lives.

I worked in corporate Canada for 5 years within the financial services industry, and was always a life-long learner. Now, as I acquire information, I share what I’ve learned with all of you in an easy to understand way.

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I work with brands in the financial services, travel, and lifestyle niches who are looking to reach engaged audiences ages 18-34 through the mediums of videography via my social media platforms. I primarily promote through TikTok, Instagram, and YouTube.

Connecting my community full of diverse, BIPOC folks with inclusive brands is important to me.

When brands need someone who can convert followers into paying clients, they work with me.

Content creation for brands

Investing In The Stock Market 101: How To Start Investing 
- Know Your Worth & Add Tax: How To Negotiate Your Salary Like A Pro
- One Stream of Income Is Too Close To One: Developing Multiple Streams Of Income
- Managing Your Finances As A Business Owner 
- LinkedIn 101: Crafting A LinkedIn Profile That Recruiters Love
- My Entrepreneurship Journey

I host keynotes and workshops around financial literacy, personal branding and career. development. I also speak on panels.

Speaking engagements

This is a 1-hour session where we will have an in-depth conversation where I will answer your questions based on my expertise. Most people book this service to discuss their content creation struggles, how they can land paid speaking engagements, investing 101 questions, budgeting, and more.

I provide one-on-one ask me anything sessions to advise you on any topic you wish.

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