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I make complex topics simple and accessible. This content exists so that we can all win!

Hi, I’m Reni, The Resource. Welcome to my website!

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As a millennial, Black, woman, I serve as a relatable, accessible and approachable entry point into the worlds of career development and financial literacy.

Tax season can be overwhelming, but asking the right questions of your accountant can help you feel confident. Here are 7 questions every business owner should ask.

Questions Every Business Owner Should Ask Their Accountant

It is time you let those bank fees go. To help you out, I have compiled a list of free banks in Canada for you to consider instead.

Say No To Bank Fees 2023 – Best Free Bank Accounts in Canada

I’ve won $65,000 in grants since 2020. Here are five tips so you can win too,

5 Tips to Help You Get Selected for Grants

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I make complex topics simple by sharing the resources people need to understand concepts revolving around financial literacy, career development and lifestyle.

Hi, I’m Reni! I create content that is informative without being judgmental.

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Looking for finance content that is enjoyable & easy to understand? You’re in the right place! Financial literacy is something most people know nothing about until life forces them to learn. This podcast is here to help you avoid costly mistakes on your personal finance journey.

Introducing Don’t Go Broke Trying, the podcast

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